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For over 20 years I’ve inspired my students and clients to ‘wake up’ while working out, be present, and to have more fun.

I find that by combining modern, science-based programs and techniques with age-old healing movement and simple principles, we can create integrative and fun workouts and programs that achieve results safely, effectively and without boredom!

Those who attend my classes and followed the emerging method to my madness consistently say that they look and feel younger, stronger, they understand more about their bodies and move better than they have in years, they have more energy, are more focused, their skin glows because they feel happy, they’ve lost weight and they feel fantastic.

My method is simple.

It’s about paying attention to what works, finding what you love to do and calling forth your very personal reason for staying the course.

Modern Fitness, when fully inspired

is about strengthening yourself daily on a cellular level and making smart meaningful fitness and lifestyle choices to maintain your long term health and happiness.