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client testimonials : LashaunDale

You are amazing, Lashaun.  You have a gift for teaching.  So many people can look at client and say “You aren’t doing that right.  Look at me and let me show you.”  But you take it to a whole new level by suggesting specific (and often miniscule) changes in position or movement which make a huge difference.

I really appreciate you.  I feel like I’m about to connect with my body for the first time in my life.

–Maggie Lewis Client, NYC

Lashaun is a fitness phenom! Her creative moves will help exercisers of all fitness levels reach their get-fit goals.

–Meaghan B. Murphy Fitness Director, Self Magazine

Lashaun Dale is an exceptional resource for anyone ready to get fit!

–Brooke Siler Founder and Owner of re:AB Pilates, Author of The Pilates Body

Lashaun’s approach to training and teaching is truly unique, she intuitively understands exactly what is needed with thoughtful and creative ideas that are way ahead of their time.  Lashaun Dale shines like a star while inspiring the many fitness professionals who are fortunate to simply bask in her light.

–Keli Roberts International Fitness Presenter and Sports Conditioning Expert

As a TV Host and Home Improvement Expert on DIY Network and HGTV, I travel to NYC for occasional appearances on the ‘Today Show’, and my first order of business is taking a fitness class with Lashaun. Her workouts are inspiring, exhausting, and invigorating . Whether I am training for a triathalon or just trying to keep in tip top shape, Lashaun’s knowlegde of and passion for movement always push me to the next level.

–Amy Matthews Spokeswoman & Actress, USA

Lashaun’s insight into fitness trends has had a profound influence on the industry over the last 15 years; she sees them long before they’ve become “the next big thing” and quite often, has had a hand in making them just that. Her intuitive sense about fitness, what works, and what will excite ANYONE to want to exercise has helped thousands to become more empowered, fit, and on a path to wellness. I’m also inspired by Lashaun’s adeptness at interpreting and incorporating so many different modalities into her own teaching and classes, and her ability to motivate students of any fitness level to become so fully engaged that it not only helps shape their body but their mind.

–Jill Miller Creator of Yoga Tune Up®

Two years ago, Lashaun’s classes helped me through cancer treatment.  Today, they are the centerpiece of my training for an Iron man Triathlon.  I found balance, grace, and strength in her class, even when I didn’t have the strength to stay awake.  Each class renewed my spirit and brought hope.  Even when I was in pain or felt sick, class always made me feel better.  I knew that there was still positive energy in my body and around me.  Her movement, voice, and spirit inspired me, and I kept coming back.  As I am recovering from treatment and moving to greater athletic challenges, I cannot imagine a life without Lashaun’s yoga.  It is a joy and an honor to be her student, and I am grateful for her teaching, caring, and inspiration.

–David Dorfman, Esq. Honored Teammate Team in Training Marathon and Triathlon Teams

Lashaun teaches like no one else.  She knows the body inside out.. and upside down.  Every class is the perfect massage….every muscle touched, every joint opened.  It is obvious that she has been studying for many lifetimes as she leads us through the deepest practice…..never failing to take us  to that magical place of stillness we all seek.  Most gratefully, it is here, in this stillness, where we all become better teachers ourselves.

–Dana Sachs Stoddard Owner, Montana Bliss Yoga Studio, Bigfork Montana

I have been taking Lashaun’s classes for more than 10 years, through 3 pregnancies, and many of life’s ups and downs.  I have never found a teacher who inspires me more or makes me feel more challenged and satisfied with my workouts.  Lashaun’s classes have a very distinctive energy to them.  She is not just the teacher in the front of the class telling people what to do, but rather the most enthusiastic participant in the class.  She welcomes people of all fitness levels and somehow figures out a way to challenge everyone.  I look forward to Lashaun’s classes all week and always walk out with a wonderful feeling of having worked my hardest and ready to face the challenges of the day ahead.  When I think about the things I would miss the most if my family and I moved out of NYC, Lashaun is at the top of my list!

–Joanne Mansfield NYC Mom of 3

I am truly thankful for Lashaun’s passion for body movement and creativity.  She provides a road map for students, of all skill levels, to guide their bodies, and minds, from simple building blocks of strength and stretching to complex yoga poses.  The benefits of her directions coupled with the hot room has healed and guided me in the art of the “practice of yoga”!

–Gail Whitney Kalispell, Montana

‘Ms. Lashaun’  is a well-known and respected health and wellness  expert and international presenter; known for her ability to inspire and motivate people of all ages through her deep knowledge, caring  and warm spirit.  Lashaun’s approach is one of grace saturated with boundless intellect and experience.  Lashaun continues to combine her education, business ability, creativity and talent in all that she undertakes, expressing her responsibility to share with others the gift of keeping the body and mind active.  Lashaun Dale is truly one of our best industry leaders.

–Calvin Wiley International Presenter and Senior creator of Calvinography, New York


You are awesome!  I will be at your class for 1/2 hour, 1 hour,  1 1/2 hour.  What ever it is, I will be there. Love your spirit, your style and your teaching.  Thank you!

–Chris Ohler, Kalispell, Montana

It’s so important to develop cardiovascular strength, muscle strength, flexibility and balance.  I need to work on all these areas equally to feel good, to be able to run around with my kids, push strollers with buggy boards, use the baby carrier, and everything else you have to do as a Mother and a person.  I come to your Cardio Bootcamp & Sculpt and Yogasculpt classes for these reasons and because of your positive energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you for helping me get back into shape and stay in shape after having my two children.

–Dian Schuler NYC Mom and Executive

Lashaun Dale’s classes are the perfect mix of movement meditation flow and practical, easy-to-understand mechanical directions.  I am so impressed with her understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology as well as her ability to translate it to students of all levels.  What stands out the most, though, is the way she holds all of her students with unending compassion.  For beginners, people with injuries, advanced practitioners, or the person who simply has had a rough day, Lashaun’s classes will make you remember the joy and gratitude available in each breath.   Every single class I have taken from Lashaun I think to myself, “wow, that was the best class! ” and they just keep getting better.

–Erica Williams Yoga Instructor, Whitefish, MT

Lashaun is a rare visionary, armed with magical powers and a undeniable will to make things happen, two pillars crucial for success when building a winning team.

-Dr G. Urban Philosopher, Poet and Founder of BARTENDAZ

I have been a regular at Lashaun Dale’s Tuesday and Thursday 7 am classes for over 12 years.  Under her instruction I have experienced a major shift in my approach towards exercise and working out.  My mind-body awareness has developed, and my whole attitude towards fitness and my body is more honest and thoughtful.   I have integrated much of what she has taught, and continues to teach, into other aspects of my day to day life, and am enriched by all that I have learned.  Her classes are challenging, disciplined, fun and rewarding, and vary depending on the day and title of the class.

Lashaun is a natural teacher, speaking well to people of all ages and levels in her class. She gives instruction clearly and well, and corrects gently, it is very inspiring. The flow, mood and music of her classes is so pleasant and accessible that being aware of your anatomy seems to come more naturally, and I find myself wanting to do that crunch/squat/plank better ~ find the deeper muscle, the correct position, the connecting fibers and tissues.  It took me years to learn the discipline of actually thinking and concentrating while you are working out – Lashaun taught me this priceless lesson.  The longer I have trained with her the more I am aware of those fibers and joints, of areas that I am weak and areas that I can excel.  I leave her class feeling energized and empowered, breathing deeply, aware of my posture and circulation, feeling taller, stronger, more balanced, and recharged.   A lot of this stays with me into the day and I can harness all the positive energy with just a little effort.

I think Lashaun is Equinox’s secret weapon.  I have trained with her safely and productively for many years, and within the last year have felt more satisfied and rewarded by my workouts than ever before – she is always learning and mixing things up.  It is my sincere goal to continue this habit and pattern of working out forever, and having Lashaun as my trainer makes that goal all the more plausible.

–Kim Schmidt NYC, Art Director

Lashaun Dale has brought a new level of professionalism to Montana through her hot yoga classes. Her knowledge base of yoga and the human anatomy is vast and  extremely helpful as a beginner student. Lashaun is an inspirational teacher and her teaching style helps support even the most experienced level yoga practitioners to reach their full potential. It is a real priviledge to have her as an instructor here in Western Montana.

–Keegan Colter Raw Foods Coach, Kalispell, Montana

Lashaun is the most creative and dedicated instructor I know, as well as one of the most brilliant and progressive minds in the industry. Always a student herself, Lashaun keeps herself informed in science, fitness and wellness, enabling her to nurture her students at a holistic level. Each class is a unique invention unto itself, as she fearlessly integrates new techniques and ideas into her students’ bodies and minds—allowing them to reach for more sophisticated levels of fitness that defy the usual definitions.

–Jessica Eve Davis Senior Group Fitness Manager, Equinox New York

Lashaun’s positive attitude, creativity, and innate understanding of body movement make for awesome workouts. I travel to the other side of town just to take her classes and it’s totally worth it.

Laura Altman Physician Assistant to Dr. Mehmet Oz, New York

I appreciate your classes because they are so very well balanced in several ways.  No one part of the body is overdone.  After a group of muscles has been worked over, they are given a rest to recoup for the next round of exercises for that muscle group. Each participant can work at their own level and pace. Strength, endurance, balance and flexibility are all factored into the program for each class. All of this together makes the classes interesting and not seem to go on indefinitely.

–Gene Lisiten Jewelry Artist, New York

More than any other classes I have ever taken, I feel your classes touch (and move) mind, body and soul.  Your voice and music are calming, yet motivating at the same time.  I love your weights and yoga classes because of the way they make me feel afterward.  You challenge your students to push themselves and you do everything “correctly” stressing perfect alignment, not just struggling through an exercise for the sake of doing it.  You touch the whole body.

–Kim Rigney Advertising Executive, Mother of 2 boys! Toronto, CA

The brilliance of Lashaun’s thought process and class design is delivered through her detail and richness of cueing at levels rarely experienced in a group fitness studio.  Her insatiable desire for learning and development manifests itself into a creative and compelling experience on a deep level, yet she is able to reach so many with various movement backgrounds and make them successful and empowered.  Lashaun is one of the most gifted ”‘thinkers” I have ever known.  Her program quality, creativity, expertise and overall approach to movement communication continue to amaze me every time I am fortunate enough to be in her class. She never fails to exceed my expectations!

–Carol B. Espel, MS, Senior National Director of Group Fitness and Pilates, Equinox Fitness Clubs

Lashaun’s creativity and unique way of looking at movement is inspiring and engaging. Lashaun is always on the leading edge of what’s new in Health and Fitness and being in her classes is a true Mind, Body and soulful journey through your physical landscape.

–Molly Fox, Fitness Professional and Personal Coach, San Mateo, California

I love Lashaun’s classes!  I always get a full body work-out that is tough but energizing.  She incorporates new moves and techniques into each of her classes that keeps us motivated and focused.  My level of fitness is all due to Lashaun!

Susan Diehl, World Traveler, New York

Lashaun Dale’s classes are beyond fantastic! Whether in her open level yoga or her innovative Microsculpting Workout, her creative cueing  takes you to such a deep place that you immediately tune it to your body to make the tiny adjustments that will change your body and alter your perception. She has such a great eye for technique yet keeps the class engaged and moving. When I am in her classes, I always learn something intellectually, but more important, I learn to intuitively give way to my breath and my own flow. At once I feel challenged yet successful, energized yet healed, focused yet relaxed. I don’t know how she does it but Lashaun goes beyond fitness and wellness to a place of transformation.

As a woman and a teacher, Lashaun lives what she preaches. She treats everyone as a friend and you are immediately struck by her beauty, intelligence, power, generosity and spirit. This woman is brilliant but she delivers her information and advice in such a way that it is so easily received. I never miss an opportunity to take her classes or to engage in conversation about anything!

Lisa Wheeler National Creative Manager, Equinox Group Fitness, Choreographer, Dancer, International Fitness Professional, NYC

Even though I have had the good fortune to work with the brightest and best fitness professionals and educators the industry has to offer, Lashaun is truly right at the top. Not only does she have the talent and skill to handle every aspect of education from program design and implementation through class, workshop, convention and video presentation, but she also does this with ease, confidence and grace.  I have never seen anyone work so hard with such professionalism, diligence and enthusiasm.

Her dedication and contribution to fitness industry has been substantial to say the least. She is an outstanding leader, educator, mentor and motivator and has truly exceeded expectations on every project we we’ve worked on together.

Lashaun’s energy and passion are contagious and inspirational and I

Have been fortunate to know her not only professionally but also personally for over 21 years.

Sherry Catlin, Director of Body Bar, Founder InnerFit Solutions

I am one of Lashaun’s LOYALS who show up every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:45 AM for her 7 AM MicroSculpting Workout (Tuesdays) and Circular Strength Training (Thursdays) to ensure a good spot in the studio.  The rest of the classmates trickle in until the class begins at 7 AM sharp.  My family and friends think I’m compulsive leaving the warm bed at 6 AM to get ready but I cannot miss any of Lashaun’s incredible workouts.  Each class is different and totally unique to anything I have ever done before – she builds the routine and increases the workout level where you can’t believe you are doing things that you are doing. I am 53 years old and have never felt as good physically as I do now – Lashaun’s 60 minute workout hits every part of my body and soul – I walk out feeling light and airy —  and ready for my day.  I am thinking of how can I get to the 9 AM class on Wednesday and get to work late!!!”

Jane Assael


Lashaun offers an innovative total body workout approach to fitness, no 2 classes were the same (I have been taking her classes for almost 15 yrs & have NEVER been bored!). She teaches to everyone while monitoring individuals to promote what’s challenging, safe & fun – all with a positive attitude & a wonderful smile! Lashaun is constantly re-inventing herself with current fitness research – ie, body bars, balls, core strength – to name a few, while constantly changing classes to keep up with the needs of her loyal – sometimes demanding – clients.

I have taken classes for almost 30 yrs & have never been as challenged as when I am in her class.

Cathy Haidorfer,

Nurse, Mom, Fitness Enthusiast, NYC

No question Yoga has been an instrumental part of my life this past year.  Because of my inconsistent work situation I have had a lot of time to practice.  I have been taking 3-4 Vinyasa classes a week.  I owe my interest in Yoga all to you.  When I first tried it 4 years ago I was searching for something that I thought would help me with my other sports/fitness interests.  I wasn’t really connecting with yoga until I started taking your class.  Your style which incorporated other fitness perspective plus understanding guys flexibility challenges got me completely hooked.  I loved the athletic style you bring to your class.  You bring a full body workout to mind body discipline.  Yoga is now my first fitness choice.  Thank you for turning me on to it.

Jeff Kimmel

NYC, Sales Executive

Lashaun is the consummate professional, a perfectionist with the gift for communication. Her cueing is some of the best in the business. She is able to communicate a pose or a correction with the most clear direction and creative imagery. She is innovative and thoughtful. Her programs always demonstrate great depth and intention and one can be guaranteed to get results every time!

Carol Scott

Founder and President, ECA World Fitness

Lashaun’s classes are what first inspired me to become a personal trainer 8 years ago.  Her classes are creative and she is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative fitness teachers and presenters out there today.  She challenges her students but she doesn’t forget to make it fun.  Every time I take one of her classes I get a great work out and I always learn something new that I can use professionaly.  She is the best there is.

Eris McClure

NYC Personal Trainer

Lashaun is an energetic instructor who pushes you to your limits in a fun, safe way. Her classes are innovative and she mixes it up every week – ensuring her regulars never get bored. She combines a variety of cardio, strength training and flexibility – I leave sore, but energized after every class!

Jenny Volanakis

NYC mom!