There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.
— –Martha Graham
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Here I am

As a teacher, creator, writer, mentor, leader and a die-hard believer in humanity, I AM dedicated to helping you launch your ideas out into the world and become the person you most want to be. 

I AM all in to help you light up your life. Every area of it, including your work, your workouts and the very way you approach every aspect of your day.  For over 25 years I’ve inspired my students, clients and the businesses and brands that I serve, to ‘wake up’ and create inspirations that move the conversation onward and upward and in doing so succeed AND create a positive impact on the world. I find that by combining modern, science-based programs and techniques with age-old healing wisdom, best practices and simple principles, and an understanding of trends, emerging technologies and future market realities, we can co-create something new that matters. 


I AM all in and committed to raise ambitions starting with vision. I know first-hand that the way we think impacts how we show up in the world and I have studied years and years of diverse systems of thinking and the culture and creations that follow. It has been said that illumination leads to liberation and I believe and know that to be true. So let’s dig in, I’ll bring everything I have learned and uncovered through my education and experiences and together we will discover more and launch your gifts, programs and message into the world. 


I AM all in and obsessed to help you launch your creation. The world needs your leadership, your light and the unique solution that only you can deliver. This is true for you if you are a full-fledged business, a fitness pro just getting started or a thought leader ready to launch their platform. I am here to encourage you and let you know that support is available. I know first hand when you act boldly, those unseen forces really do show up to move you forward, and that no matter how dark or dramatic it seems outside, there is a present lightness that you can call upon and in the asking, the universe will conspire to bring good things forward—for you.


I AM all in and #fullyinspired and full-on-ready to do this—with you. 


Full Bio

Raised in Nature, Schooled in the city, Lashaun Dale has been described by the media and her peers as a creative genius, futurist and disruptive business leader. If you ask her what she does, Lashaun would reply that she has a dream job and serves to help people wake up to who they really are and live life fully inspired. She loves yoga, fitness and finds magic in movement, group experience, and music. Professionally she loves to co-create and discover and uncover amazing ideas and then make them happen. 


Lashaun holds degrees in International Relations, Philosophy, a MA in Applied Anthropology, as well as an MPH from the School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York. Her research focused on cross cultural understandings of motivation and human potential and her work continuously intersects. She has been a featured speaker for some of the world’s largest fitness conventions and traveled across the globe teaching and speaking on health, fitness, wellness, and motivation. 

Lashaun’s creativity and unique way of looking at movement is inspiring and engaging. Lashaun is always on the leading edge of what’s new in Health and Fitness and being in her classes is a true Mind, Body and soulful journey through your physical landscape.


Long fascinated as a student of the creative process across disciplines, she has built a career teaching, sharing ideas and leading teams. She enjoys mentoring through collaboration and co- creation and her personal mission is to help thousands find their voice as a health and fitness leader and social change agent and launch their ideas into the world in the biggest way possible. A respected and loved program design expert, Lashaun has personally branded and launched more than 100 fitness classes, events and programs now seen in large scale fitness brands, boutique franchise chains and stand-alone studios and organizations across the globe.

A 25-year group fitness veteran, Lashaun played strategic roles at Equinox, where she was the known architect of the overall programming vision, strategy, development and delivery of group fitness, including proprietary, signature programs. Her work garnered many Equinox Awards of Excellence (“Noxies”) for successful program implementation and performance. Over two decades, Lashaun led the group fitness offering through a significant programming and brand transformation which included the launch of a creative program development team, the Group Fitness Instructor Training Institute and played a critical role on the Programming Task Force that defined the Equinox’s brand strategy to focus on fitness as a means to high performance and life maximization.

Lashaun’s unique approach to program, product and experience design leads the edge. A trusted mastermind and friend to many of the thought leaders in the health and fitness and personal development industry, and , she is renowned for her extraordinary ability to identify sustainable consumer trends and translate the business opportunity to benefit the work of her company and clients, positioning brands and entire corporations to succeed in the quickly evolving landscape of human potential. Lashaun is heralded for her extraordinary ability to identify and cultivate new talent and forecast emerging health and fitness programs and media stars. With this knowledge she empowers instructors, authors and speakers to evolve and create programs with a spectrum of context. She coaches them with an approach which permits innovations for press worthy, experiential outcomes. Her successful brands resonate with an awareness of human movement, community building, public health and the foresight of what the fitness word will consume as the next vital “thing.” Throughout her career her vision has helped her to plan the future of fitness that has engaged millions in classrooms all over the globe. 

With an uncanny accuracy rate, Lashaun long ago predicted the rise of yoga, Cross Fit, mixed martial arts and the mind body programming coming to fruition today. She was the first to anticipate the explosive growth of barre and was a key advocate to drive men into group fitness programming and instruction over the last decade through the strategic programming of hiit training, indoor cycling and athletic training classes. Additionally, she was one of the first industry lecturers on the Experience Economy and predicted the strategic value of talent and the rise of the fitness instructor as a social influencer and developed integrated training programs that positioned talent to become brand ambassadors.


Originally recruited to join Team24 to lead Group X signature programming for 24Hour Fitness, Lashaun’s leadership expanded to the VP of Content & Programming. In this role, she offers vision and strategic leadership for the company’s ongoing digital transformation focusing on global digital fitness programming opportunities, driving content for 24Life magazine, the daily blog, the in-club virtual experience. In 2016, she launched the integrated content and programming calendar which served to align all offerings, launches and events around an editorial calendar that drives brand awareness and guest traffic to in club experiences through a robust digital ecosystem revolving around value add content and digital fitness experiences.

Lashaun is a rare visionary, armed with magical powers and a undeniable will to make things happen, two pillars crucial for success when building a winning team.
— Dr G. Urban Philosopher, Poet and Founder of BARTENDAZ


As the Editor-in-Chief for the award winning digital magazine and blog 24Life, Lashaun applies her insight into cultural, business and human potential trends to drive the brand into an always-on lifestyle conversation.  Alongside the Content and PR/media team, she works to evolve the media brand story by forming new alliances, partnerships and the creation of original content and curated partner content placed strategically across various media platforms including 24Life, 24LifeTV, 24Go.  24Life also supports the organization with content creation, which that in turn feeds critical areas of the business including social, marketing, employer brands, partnerships and brand campaign. Through 24Life platforms, Lashaun led a campaign to align the organization around a united health and fitness philosophy and launched the Four Pillars: Mindset, Movement, Nourishment and Regeneration. The Four Pillars are the foundation of the 24Life brand and serve as a lifestyle philosophy which strategically establishes 24Hour Fitness as a world class lifestyle brand that captures consumers’ mind share and is the employer of choice. 


A regular contributor to media publications such as SELF, Women's Health, Vogue and Fitness magazines she is also a frequent guest presenter on various lifestyle and fitness blogs, podcasts and events. Lashaun enjoys traveling to present at events, conferences, roundtables and think tanks in her favorite cities worldwide especially when followed by a breathtaking Montana visit and retreat to her hometown. She is a learning junkie, meditates daily, loves vinyasa yoga, metaphysics and healing stones and feels blessed to design a magical life with her husband, children, pets and many, many books.