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Getting started with pilates

A long-time fitness professional, Lashaun Dale is the midst of adding new programming to the 24 Hour Fitness Schedule including Treat While You Train by Jill Miller, Booty Barre by Tracey Mallett, Athletic Training Club by Melissa Guest-Smith, and and POP Pilates by Cassey Ho. Dale decided to work with Ho because she describes popular Pilates teacher is a role model who can relate to people’s challenges and can inspire them toward positive change

What suggestions would you give to people who want to get started with Pilates?

LD: Be okay with not being a Pilates Diva from the start. There will be moves that are so humbling that you want to quit…pick a base move that is your, “I will do something move.”  For me in Pilates, when I can’t deal with the burn in my core in some of the moves, I practice just holding my legs up in the air totally straight, with my core engaged and my breathing in sync.  I’ll give myself a moment to reset, and then get back in the game. Do some pre–study including watching videos about Pilates moves; seeing them before you actually do them is a mental warm up for your body. And because of the amazing way our brain works, we actually impact our physiology to have some familiarity with the moves when we try them physically.  Now don’t get confused—you can’t watch your way to fit!  Fitness requires some sweat equity, but watching then trying, then watching some more, is a great pathway to mastery.

What suggestions would you give to someone if they are trying a new class for the first time?

LD: Let the instructor know that you are new. Don’t be shy about it. This gives them information and a call to action to make sure you are successful. Go to class with the expectation that you are going to do as much as you can and get the best workout available to you right now. Then celebrate afterwards somehow–even if you just take the time to fully enjoy a hot shower.  Practice mini self-care rituals that to reward your effort so you literally condition new habits into your more.


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The case for classes

Every fitness goal I met this past year I owe to someone wearing a headset and barking orders over some of the vilest pop remixes ever heard you ever heard outside of an Alvin & the Chipmunks movie. And still, I am grateful. This year I discovered the fitness class, that schedule group workout loathed and derided by many, and the path to fitness for countless others. I am of both camps – I resent the barking, the music, the forced enthusiasm, and still find myself lying to lunch dates and catering my weekend so I can get down on the floor and do burpees or throw kettle bells around with thirty strangers to a turbo-charged Katy Perry remix.

I’m not alone. Though men remain wary of most group activities that don’t feature either charred meat or draught beer, thanks to Crossfit, and the yoga classes they secretly enjoyed a few years ago, they’re opening up to the idea. And gyms are offering more weight resistance classes and group workouts that hit heart rates slinging iron instead of through step moves.

Lashaun Dale, who heads up Equinox’s group classes, credits some of the boom to a broader definition of interval training. “Since the beginning of time we’ve known that it was a great way to train,” she says. “But it used to be there was one type – very dance, high reps – that was the traditional group class. Now the growth is happening and more group resistance training is catching on because more men are doing it.”

I’m one of them, and here’s more.


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Bet you didn’t know that 24 Hour Fitness is “the Official Fitness Center Sponsor of the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams.”

Because of that designation, the gym selected 24 Olympians to act as their ambassadors on “Team 24,” and the elite group includes athletes like gold medalist swimmer Conor Dwyer, two-time world champion triathlete Gwen Jorgensen, and seven-time Track & Field national champion Alysia Montaño. Then, they decided to share the sports stars’ fitness secrets with the rest of us.

“We’ve noticed that our members are more motivated to accelerate their gym workouts during the Olympic Games,” explains content and programming VP Lashaun Dale. “So we drew inspiration from our Team 24 athletes, combing through hours of video footage to design the ‘Team USA Bootcamp’ program, a full-body workout incorporating moves and sequences from their actual training routines.”

The class will be offered at all 24 Hour Fitness locations across the US this month, but in case you can’t get there, Dale shared this 10-minute cardio challenge sequence you can do at home—while watching the athletes compete, of more.


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RESOLUTIONS REDEFINED: Why You Need to Rewrite Your New Year’s Resolutions! Lashaun Dale, Guest Blogger!

Welcome to 2017! It has come in with a roar in so many sectors and into the lives of many who were not quite prepared for such dramatic changes and shifts in weather, traffic issues, and lots more. One of the constants of the new year is that people often decide on various commitments, changes or resolutions that each person will implement. This is particularly relevant post-holiday because of the not-so-free ride of celebratory parties and events that encourage you to indulge in food, drink and fun times while healthier habits are left in the dust for a relatively short period of time. The time you realize it, is when you find your favorite dress or pair of jeans don’t fit quite so well. Or that the person you see in the mirror looks like they haven’t slept well and maybe that face has an odd pallor. The quick (and not-so-easy) answer to this situation is to restart your fitness regimen. Or if your fitness commitment was left in the dust some time ago, give it another shot.


At this time of year, I am typically posting my thoughts on what changes you can make that range from home organization to adjusting eating habits and tweaking your workouts. This year is a bit different because we have a guest post from Lashaun Dale, fitness expert and yoga pro. Dale is Editor in Chief of and Vice-President, Content + Programming at 24 Hour Fitness. Lashaun is offering us her tips on how to create New Year’s resolutions (in fitness and for life-in-general) that you can really more.


FITNESS instructors are the new rockstars

THERE WAS A TIME WHEN IT WAS A-LIST CLIENTS who turned heads in the country’s most exclusive gyms—but now a new breed of fitness instruc- tors are creating the buzz. It seems fitness- minded America has a collective case of hot for teacher—the minute sign-ups begin, phone lines get jammed; as soon as the classroom opens, fans who’ve staked out their spots hours earlier start eyeing the door, waiting for their star instructor. “It is not unusual for members to plan their days and weeks and lives around their favorite instructors and follow their attitude, music, lifestyle, and con- sumer choices—just like a celebrity,” says Lashaun Dale, senior national group-fitness manager at Equinox. Class instructors have received hype in the past, but the new school of body shapers don’t just deliver chiseled abs and ripped shoulders. They know what the hottest restaurant reserva- tion is in Miami and where to find that Ferragamo belt that’s no longer in stores. In turn, zealous devotees eager for some one-on-one time, or at least a wave on the way out of the studio, flood them with friend requests on Facebook and wedding invitations. Here, seven of the hottest leaders to more.


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