Life is too short for non WOW-projects.
— Tom Peters

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I’m often asked what was my favorite program or project launched. I always gasp and reply that this is impossible to answer, it is like choosing a favorite child! Each project I have worked on contains a piece of my mind and my soul—and is a result of long conversations, long nights, sweat, tears, magical coincidences and unseen forces coming together at the 11thhour to launch. Here is a sampling of some of the projects and programs Ive worked on to date. 


When you trusted mentor asks if you want to travel the world on a luxury cruise line and design their health and fitness programs, what do you say?  How quickly can I pack my bag. And I did and spent the next year in exotic locations meeting extraordinary people and designing a health, fitness and spa program and fitness excursions to serve and delight their excusive clientele. My favorite moments include, sunrise yoga watching the midnight sun in Norway, bicycle tours around Denmark and run explorations through forested coastlines. What I learned most was how to show grace and courage in times of crisis and that the best fitness experiences are those that wake up the soul to remember why we are alive.



Body Bar was my first dive into the amazing world of fitness productions, and the amazing wonderful world of being an international fitness presenter. 15 years later, I am so grateful for this team and this experience of being mentored by the best of the best including Sherry Catlin, Clare Dunphy, Keli Roberts, Calvin Wiley, Carey Bond, Rob Glick, Kim Glick, Lisa Wheeler, Violet Zaki, Mindy Myrlea and so many more legends. My programs were leading edge and pushed me to learn different disciplines and presenting styles and included SportzoneYoga SculptEquanimityCore Strength & Stretch,Strength Resolutionsand BodyBar Flex. Thank you to Sherry Catlin, Arno and Craig Williams for this tremendous life changing opportunity!

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I am currently serving 24 Hour Fitness and 24 Life, and it is such a remarkable ride. This legacy company serves millions of members and guests every day through events, classes, workouts and digitally through its digital platforms.  I  was recruited to the team to transition signature programming and had so much fun partnering with celebrity fitness pros like Cassey Hoto launch Pop Pilates,Les Mills Sprintand The Tripand SprintGRIT, Team USA Bootcamp with our Olympic Athletes like Gus Kenworthy, HighX with Gabrielle Reece,Treat While You Train with Jill Miller and Dr. Kelly Starrettand Bootybarre with Tracey Mallet.Along the way I had the privilege to introduce the 24Life 4 Pillars health and fitness philosophy celebrating the matrix of mindset, movement, nourishment and regeneration as the pillars to move forward with any goal. In 2016 we launched 24LifeMagazine and continue to introduce a diverse array of thought leaders, celebrity fitness pros and amazing minds, doing amazing things to an amazing brand. It has been a treasure to interview and work closely with the generous incredible souls like  Gabrielle Bernstein,Jim Kwik,Danielle LaPorteWim Hof,Bo EasonMel AbrahamWendy McNaughtonLewis HowesShaun Tand Suz Howardamong others. This year we have partnered with Dr. Angela Duckworth and DR. Katy Milkmanand the scientists of the Behavior Change for Good Instituteof Wharton/UPenn in an robust research endeavor called The StepUp Challengedesigned to study and understand behavioral change. So much more to create and do and realize every day how amazing this industry is that we get to show up and change lives through fitness. 



Equinox was an amazing experience and training ground for leading edge thought leadership, innovation in design, experience and a very committed approach to real world results in health and fitness. I started at the company when there were only 2 locations as hybrid instructor teaching step on Thursdays at 6:30 am and was one of the first trainers to graduate from EFTI. I quickly fell in love with a commitment to excellence. I had many roles there, all memorable and critical to my growth and development, and along the way launched experiential events, opened breathtaking clubs, launched game changing philanthropyand introduced signature programming for the company, launched GFTI and slowly built alongside others the Group Fitness Creative Programming team. With nearly twenty years as a Noxie, there is too much to say in a short paragraph, but I am so proud and honored to have contributed to this legacy brand and to have had played my role and paved the way for so many new ideas to launch in the world. We determined for once and for all that fitness was a lifestyle and launched the Health Advisory Boardand we raised the bar on what group fitness was and could be and why instructors and trainers were really rock stars and influencers of choice. We launched new programs every quarter so it is impossible to list all, but some that forced me to grow and stretch and think out of the box are Animal Flow,(ETC), Equinox Training CampCST Circular Strength Clubbell  Training,Schwinn Cycling,TabataFlow Play YogaRX Series,Precision Running,IntenSatiPowerstrikeWhipped!,MetCon3,  ViPR& the infamous PowerNap.


When in a new town, the first thing I think about is where is my yoga!  In this instance, finding my new community and keeping it alive also provided me with the experience to become a boutique studio owner. Mandala Montana was (and still is) a collective community consciousness that welcomed all yogis and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. The space and amazing collective of instructors and students were dedicated to offering an environment where yoga, movement, meditation, health and happiness may flourish. Teaching at Mandala taught me so much about the boutique side of our industry, and how the experience lives in the details of how we show up and serve each day. Teaching these classes at this time in my life was also a critical transformation to how I approach the seat of the instructor and when I realized that teaching was not only my craft, but the container for my spiritual purpose. Mandala is now thriving under new leadershipand I am so very happy to still have a place to flow #fullyinspired.



Over the last ten years, my students and friends would comment to me and ask, how do you stay so fully inspired all the time?  I realized that this was such a perfect description of how I feel when I am working on a wow project with a dream team and doing my thing that only I can do. To stay in that awareness and space of contribution is a practice and when I’m not employing this disposition, then things well—they just don’t feel like flow. Thus, was born my personal methodology to fitness, the creative process, and living. For more information and a 7-step shortcut to transform your inspiration into your creation. Download a FREE Creative Process Template: The Inspiration Road Map


 The best role of my life thus far is the deep privilege to bring two beautiful souls Tevan and Vanessa into the world and to raise and nurture them every day—which gives back to me more than I can ever say. Being a mother burst my heart wide open and continues to do so with each moment. Building relationships with my kids is such a treasured and delightful experience and exceeds my every expectation and challenged every cell in my body to grow and expand to be present and open minded to raising two loving, conscious humans ready and willing to share their unique gifts in this world.  And huge thanks to their dad, our families, friends, their friends, good neighbors and great teachers who have done their share and supported these munchkins along the way.