Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.
— Napoleon Hill



The secret elixir that feeds my inspiration and continuous growth is a commitment to a life of learning, self-inquiry and personal development. 



I remain committed to...

my goldenhour every day, during which I feed my mind, my body, and my soul with new insights and inspiration.Continuous enrollment in a personal development plan including courses, education and or personal development is paramount to staying motivated and ready for whatever the day may bring. My approach to learning evolves with the season of my life and is a constantly evolving practice which consists of:

o  Meditating 

o  Self Care 

o  Movement

o  Snuggle Time

o  Time in Nature

o  Creative Expression

o  Journaling and Sharing 

o  Working with a Mentor or Coach

o  Reading every day and completing 1 book minimum every week

o  Dedicating 1 day weekly on research and discovery

o  & Sweet Sleep. (this has been my greatest area of opportunity)